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At T S Marine Services, we understand that when you make your living at sea, downtime is no joke. We can service almost any type of vessel, anything from a inshore trawler to your weekend sail boat and get you back on the water fast. We have been around since 2013 and, with our expertise in a wide range of marine engines, we have developed a strong reputation among Wellington's commercial fleet.

If required we can definitely travel and come to you and is not unusual to see us as far south as Picton or as far north as Napier This is by special arrangement only.

About Us

Fast, reliable, service

When it comes to marine engine repair, Wellington's TS Marine has a reputation for being able to do what others can't. We have been involved with salvage of beached and sunken vessels, off shore break downs and have overseen many large jobs.

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Our Service

We're fully equipped and ready to help you

TS Marine can look after everything on your boat: from a run of the mill marine engine service to advanced diagnostics and repairs on all petrol and diesel inboards. And yes, we can travel to you.

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